Encore performance for Exchange 2012 Do Not Feed The Trolls

After a storming performance at Exchange 2012, Do Not Feed The Trolls returns to the Macrobert stage on 6th October.

Originally developed with support from the National Theatre of Scotland, Do Not Feed The Trolls, created by Gareth Nicholls and the macrobert Youth Theatre, asks who defines boundaries of behaviour in the contemporary world and how does online anonymity change the limits we’ll go to get our kicks.

Inspired by our ability to revel in the misfortune of others Do Not Feed The Trolls is a provocative and darkly entertaining piece of theatre that celebrates and questions those moments in life when you can’t help but crush the soul of your fellow human being.

The production wowed the Exchange 2012 participants who called it “brilliant – very clever, very funny.” See clips and audience feedback on ExchangeTV.

Catch Do Not Feed The Trolls on Saturday 6th October 1pm at Macrobert Art Centre, Stirling.
Performed as part of Macrobert Art Centre’s THAT Festival.  For more info and booking please visit www.macrobert.org

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