Water Water Everywhere, a community exhibition at Govanhill Baths

Water Water Everywhere community exhibition at Govanhill BtahsWhat can five weeks, three artists, two primary schools, one choir and over 100 members of the local community inspired by experiences, memories and relationships to water create?

Water, Water, Everywhere, an exhibition of  artworks, stories, songs and soundscapes in Govanhill Baths  is the culmination of our exploration into these memories of water. Writer Lynda Radley, musician Michael John McCarthy, and designer Brian Hartley created a programme of activities to welcome and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to contribute to the project and share their thoughts, memories and stories with us.

Visit Water, Water, Everywhere  at Govanhill Baths,  9 – 27 October between 6-9.30pm (excluding Sundays and Mondays) and 20 & 27 October, between 1 – 9.30pm.

Water, Water, Everywhere is created as a response to lifeguard, a new production presented by the National Theatre of Scotland and the Arches in association with Govanhill Baths Community Trust.  An intimate and immersive theatrical  created and performed by Adrian Howells in the training pool of Govanhill Baths. Find out more about lifeguard on nationaltheatrescotland.com

One thought on “Water Water Everywhere, a community exhibition at Govanhill Baths

  1. bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

    Water Water Everywhere is a beautiful exhibition of light, art and sound by local Govanhill primary school children that compliments the parallel running theatrical show in the learning pool of Govanhill Baths. It was lovely to see the main pool of Govanhill Baths filled with still and floating representations of swimmers & rain clouds, then the silence of the space is punctuated by the sound of an angelic choir. The old changing booths are also put to good use with stories and songs played through headphones. Very enchanting


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