Live chat and streaming of Staging the Nation: Thorn in Their Side

Staging the Nation

On Friday 27th January at 3pm, we will be streaming ‘thorn in Their Side: Nurturing the Thistle of Scottish Political Theatre’ from our Staging the Nation site.

This event was originally held on Thursday 15th December 2011 in the heart of the Scottish Parliament. Acclaimed writer, producer and director David MacLennan hosted the evening of discussion, performance, provocation and celebration asking does Scotland have a nature of dissent? Can theatre ever galvanise the people around a political cause?

In conversation and performance were Peter Arnott, Cora Bissett, Alan Bissett, Catrin Evans, Morag Fullerton, Mike Gonzalez, Kieran Hurley, Arthur Johnstone, Nicola McCartney, Liz MacLennan, Linda Mackenney and Amanda Monfrooe.

See the event in full on Friday at 3pm at accompanied by a live chat with David MacLennan. Get involved and give instant feedback on topics raised during the event.

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