See Five Minute Theatre live at the Tron, Glasgow


A glimpse into Five Minute Theatre: ‘Protest’

Who’s protesting?
Five Minute Theatre protesters are celebrated playwrights, primary school children, teenage drama groups, community theatre projects, professional theatre companies, accomplished actors, 1st year HNC acting students, opera singers, aerial artists, amateur theatre-makers and one-man-bands, dancers, feminist collectives, musicians and cyclists…

What are they protesting about?
Body hair, death, penguins, threesomes, sustainability, smart phones, independence, government, apathy, Protestantism, social norms, Catholicism, banks, love, kettling, war, ice lollies, homelessness, feet, the media, Granpaw Broon, censorship, cutbacks, drivers…

How are they protesting?
Through drama, dance, physical theatre, performance poetry, puppetry, aerial performance, human Punch & Judy, song, improv, monologue, video, Q+A, flashmob, kettling, music, opera, verbatim, theatre-on-wheels…

Where are they protesting from?
From the Middle East to Easterhouse, from Malibu to Midlothian, from Beijing to Bristol, from London and Lancaster, Musselburgh and Milan…

In which venues are they performing?
Church halls, nightclubs, theatres, outdoor amphitheatres, school halls, dance halls, studios and community centres…

Site-specific locations include:
A seaside cottage, a demolished theatre, an empty shop, an outdoor bubble bath, style bars, football pubs…

Scottish Five Minute Protests come from:
Aberdeen, Alexandria, Ayrshire, Bo’ness, Buckhaven, Coatbridge, Dundee, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, Glenrothes, Halbeath, Midlothian, Musselburgh, Newport on Tay, Orkney and Port Skerra…

English Five Minute Protests come from:
Bristol, Lancaster and London…

International Five Minute Protests come from:
Malibu, California; Milan, Italy; Beijing, China

Tickets are now available for the event’s live hub, The Victorian Bar at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre.

The event is free, but advance booking is highly recommended via the Tron Theatre box office on 0141 552 4267.

Between 6pm and midnight on May 1st, the various live, live-streamed and pre-recorded performances will play on-stage and on-screen to a limited capacity audience in the bar, with a further audience of thousands expected to experience the event online at

Both the live and live-online audiences are encouraged to interact through the live chat facility at and via twitter, using the hashtag #fiveminutetheatre.

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About National Theatre of Scotland

All of Scotland is our stage. In our heart is an ambition to transform the world in dreams and drama, to make incredible things happen in unbelievable places. We’re where Scotland comes to play. We’re an ever-evolving family of play makers, theatre originals, maverick thinkers. We’re technically adventurous, fearlessly collaborative. We’re what our artists, performers and participants make us. And with no building of our own, we have the freedom to go where our audiences take us. There is no limit to what we believe theatre can be, no limit to the stories we are able to tell. All of Scotland is our stage, and on that stage we perform to the world. We are a theatre of the imagine: a Theatre Without Walls.

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