New horizons for Vicky Featherstone

Richard Findlay, Chairman, and the Board of Directors of the National Theatre of Scotland, today announced that Vicky Featherstone has accepted the post of Artistic Director with the Royal Court Theatre in London.

Vicky will take up her new position in Spring 2013 and will continue to lead the National Theatre of Scotland until the end of 2012.

Vicky Featherstone was the inaugural Artistic Director and Chief Executive of the National Theatre of Scotland and, since taking up appointment in November 2004, has steered the Company to enormous artistic, critical and audience acclaim. She passes on to her successor a company in excellent creative and financial shape.

The Board of the National Theatre of Scotland will begin the recruitment of a new Artistic Director immediately.

Richard Findlay, Chairman of the National Theatre of Scotland said:

“Vicky has done a fantastic job during her time here with many a great success built around a strong team. She will be sorely missed, not just by us, but by the entire Scottish theatre community. We wish her well in her new job.”

Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Scotland commented:

“It was with a complex mixture of real sadness and joy that I told the National Theatre of Scotland’s Chairman Richard Findlay about being offered my new job as Artistic Director of the Royal Court Theatre in London.  It was the Royal Court which first opened my eyes to the possibilities of theatre and playwrights when I worked there early in my career and it was this passion which led me to Scotland, chasing the brilliance of, amongst so many others, David Greig, David Harrower, Zinnie Harris, Greg Burke and Douglas Maxwell. I thank you all.

For it is a life-changing experience to be the person to set up a new national theatre. As I have said many times, the National Theatre of Scotland is part of a continuum of theatre. All we have done and are doing within the Company is made possible by the richness of Scotland – its people, its geography, its brilliant complexity.

And there are so many stories yet to tell, so many artists yet to tell them and so many people yet to be thrilled by what theatre is. It is an honour beyond words to have played a part in setting up something which is so great. It is a privilege to have seen the astonishing team at the National Theatre of Scotland grow into something fearless and dynamic. All I hope is that what we have created is something with enough importance, with enough care and with enough passion to last the future.”

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About National Theatre of Scotland

In its short life, the National Theatre of Scotland has already earned a significant national and international reputation for its daring and originality. The National Theatre of Scotland was established in 2006 and has created over 200 productions. Being a theatre without walls and building-free, the Company presents a wide variety of work that ranges from large-scale productions to projects tailored to the smallest performing spaces. In addition to conventional theatres, the Company has performed in airports, schools, tower blocks, community halls, ferries and forests. The National Theatre of Scotland creates much of its work in partnership with theatre-makers, companies, venues and participants across the globe. From extraordinary projects with schools and communities, to the ground-breaking online 5 Minute Theatre to landmark pieces such as The James Plays by Rona Munro - the National Theatre of Scotland’s aspiration is to tell the stories that need to be told and to take work to wherever audiences are to be found.