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Five Minute Theatre comes to Fife

Five Minute TheatreFive Minute Theatre returns.

On Saturday 14th July 2012, Five Minute Theatre presents 63 bite-sized theatre pieces from across Scotland, Ghana, the USA and the rest of the world and is streamed live online between 1-7pm at

Within the theme of Youth, individual pieces explore where babies come from; the embarrassment of the teenage diary; youth and social media; public perceptions of youth; youth unemployment, nostalgia for youth; illness; protective parents; similarities between generations; grey hair; baldness; and the quest for eternal youth.

Participants include youth theatre groups, schools, first-time theatre-makers, a pub theatre group, a deaf theatre group, a disabilities theatre group, as well as established theatre-makers Douglas Maxwell, Gareth Nicholls, Jenna Watt, Joe Douglas, Tam Dean Burn and Viv G.

They come from Ghana, West Africa, Hoboken, New Jersey, and all over Scotland, including Aberdeen, Dundee, Bo’ness, Edinburgh, Musselburgh, Leith, Stirling, Glasgow, East Kilbride, Ayr, Irvine and Cumbernauld . . .

Performance spaces include a beach, a campsite, a phonebox, a village pub, a water fountain, a childhood bedroom and a football pitch. . .

Performance styles include horror, musical, dance, operetta, physical theatre, flashmob, video projection, comedy, poetry, monologue and audience participation . . .

A shop unit in the Kingdom Shopping Centre, Glenrothes, is being transformed into a live performance hub for the day.

There will be nine live shows by groups from the National Theatre of Scotland’s youth theatre event Exchange 2012, and groups from the National Festival of Youth Theatre, which is also taking place throughout Fife in the same week.

Full programme and tickets for the National Festival of Youth Theatre available here.

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Follow Five Minute Theatre between 1- 7pm at the live hub in Glenrothes’ Kingdom Shopping Centre (free entry), or online at where you can comment on performances or share your own thoughts on Youth

Follow Five Minute Theatre on Twitter:  @NTSonline   #fiveminutetheatre

Submissions open for Five Minute Theatre

Five Minute Theatre stormed back onto your screens in May this year with the first of five themed events.

Now you can be part of the next event on Saturday 14th July 2012. The theme is ‘youth’ and if you can create, direct, produce and perform your own piece of theatre, you can submit an idea to be on the Five Minute Theatre virtual stage.

How you interpret the theme is your choice. Your five minutes are completely down to you, performed anywhere you like, in any style you like. You are in charge. Young or old, absolutely anyone can apply and there are no qualifications required other than a good idea and a sense of adventure.

The deadline for all submissions is 5pm on Wednesday 6th June 2012 and successful participants will be announced on or before Wednesday 13th June 2012.

Sign up, get involved and take part

We’re changing things round a little this time.
• You can still pre-record and send your performance to us in advance.
• Wherever you are in Scotland, you can perform on the day and a roving crew will come and broadcast you live online.
• You can volunteer to be one of our DIY live performers and go live on the day without a crew.
• You can come to Fife. We’re going to have a team based in Fife dedicated to filming live shows on the day

Remember you still need to perform in front of an audience. Need some inspiration? You can get all the latest information and watch every single piece of Five Minute Theatre on Keep up-to-date with all the news by following us on Facebook and Twitter using #fiveminutetheatre.

Catch up with Five Minute Theatre

On Tuesday 1st May at 6pm, we began broadcasting live to the world with the first Five Minute Theatre event of 2012.

Groups from Scotland, the UK, and the rest of the world shared their five minute theatre performances with an online audience.  Catch up with the action from the night with six packed hours of protest-inspired theatre broken down into bite-sized YouTube clips on the Five Minute Theatre channel.

Details of the next Five Minute Theatre theme and how you can get involved will be announced next week. Follow us on Twitter (@NTSonline) or keep an eye on for the latest news.

See Five Minute Theatre live at the Tron, Glasgow


A glimpse into Five Minute Theatre: ‘Protest’

Who’s protesting?
Five Minute Theatre protesters are celebrated playwrights, primary school children, teenage drama groups, community theatre projects, professional theatre companies, accomplished actors, 1st year HNC acting students, opera singers, aerial artists, amateur theatre-makers and one-man-bands, dancers, feminist collectives, musicians and cyclists…

What are they protesting about?
Body hair, death, penguins, threesomes, sustainability, smart phones, independence, government, apathy, Protestantism, social norms, Catholicism, banks, love, kettling, war, ice lollies, homelessness, feet, the media, Granpaw Broon, censorship, cutbacks, drivers…

How are they protesting?
Through drama, dance, physical theatre, performance poetry, puppetry, aerial performance, human Punch & Judy, song, improv, monologue, video, Q+A, flashmob, kettling, music, opera, verbatim, theatre-on-wheels…

Where are they protesting from?
From the Middle East to Easterhouse, from Malibu to Midlothian, from Beijing to Bristol, from London and Lancaster, Musselburgh and Milan…

In which venues are they performing?
Church halls, nightclubs, theatres, outdoor amphitheatres, school halls, dance halls, studios and community centres…

Site-specific locations include:
A seaside cottage, a demolished theatre, an empty shop, an outdoor bubble bath, style bars, football pubs…

Scottish Five Minute Protests come from:
Aberdeen, Alexandria, Ayrshire, Bo’ness, Buckhaven, Coatbridge, Dundee, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, Glenrothes, Halbeath, Midlothian, Musselburgh, Newport on Tay, Orkney and Port Skerra…

English Five Minute Protests come from:
Bristol, Lancaster and London…

International Five Minute Protests come from:
Malibu, California; Milan, Italy; Beijing, China

Tickets are now available for the event’s live hub, The Victorian Bar at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre.

The event is free, but advance booking is highly recommended via the Tron Theatre box office on 0141 552 4267.

Between 6pm and midnight on May 1st, the various live, live-streamed and pre-recorded performances will play on-stage and on-screen to a limited capacity audience in the bar, with a further audience of thousands expected to experience the event online at

Both the live and live-online audiences are encouraged to interact through the live chat facility at and via twitter, using the hashtag #fiveminutetheatre.

Be part of the Five Minute Theatre worldwide audience

Five Minute Theatre logo

Five Minute Theatre

From 5pm on June 21st 2011, live and virtual audiences from across the world can experience 24 hours packed with hundreds of original, funny, poignant and brilliant pieces of theatre, all five minutes long.

You can be part of this global audience.

Live performances will be taking place throughout the day. You can be in the audience at our performance hubs in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  All performances are free but ticketed. Find out everything you need to know here.

Check your local press and keep an eye out – there may be a live Five Minute Theatre being performed on your doorstep.

And watch every performance from anywhere in the world on

Five Minute Theatre – we want your ideas

Five Minute Theatre| National Theatre of ScotlandFrom 1pm today, Friday 25th February 2011, the National Theatre of Scotland is sending out an open invitation to members of the public to submit their ideas to create their own five minute pieces of theatre.

Successful applicants will then develop their work for inclusion in a 24hour online broadcast of live theatre from 5pm on Tuesday 21st June.

Absolutely anyone can take part by writing, devising, directing, performing and producing a piece of theatre, five minutes long. There are no set skills you must have, no qualifications required other than dramatic flair, a good idea and a little bit of bravery . . .

Get your ideas to us no later than Friday 25 March, 2011.

Our brand new website contains up to date information including clear instructions and details on the selection process as well as regular features from the National Theatre of Scotland’s key creative team offering tips, advice and classes on how to make and deliver a piece of theatre.

The latest Five Minute Theatre news can also be followed on Twitter @NTSonline #fiveminutetheatre and on our Facebook page where you can ask questions, share ideas and tips and connect with other theatre-makers.

Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director, National Theatre of Scotland explains:

“Your five minutes can be filled with whatever you want it to be, whatever ‘theatre’ means to you. You can write your own script, create a scene or a situation, it can have music or dance, a director and actors, props and costumes or something no one has thought of yet.

You can interpret this in any way you like, any style you like. It can be a thriller, a drama, a romance, a monologue, anything. It can be on a stage, in a living room, a park, village hall, community centre, library, office, class room, football pitch – the choice is yours.

“You are in charge. You decide what your five minutes are; you decide where to perform it, how to cast it and who the audience will be. It’s your story; however you want to tell it.”

Create your own piece of five minute theatre

National Theatre of Scotland - five dramatic yearsTo celebrate our first five dramatic years, the National Theatre of Scotland is extending an invitation to people across Scotland and beyond to write, devise, direct, perform and produce a piece of theatre, five minutes long.

On 21st June 2011, an entire day filled with five minute pieces of theatre will be broadcast online to the world. 24 hours will be filled with live performance, created by anyone for a worldwide audience of everyone.

If you have an idea for your Five Minute Theatre – solo or ensemble, written or devised, rough or ready – and if you can find an audience, we want to hear from you.

Submissions for ideas and proposals and full details on how to take part will be available on February 25th 2011.

If you are interested in being part of Five Minute Theatre and you want to get in early, contact us to register your interest.

You can email or call 0141 221 0970