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Social media users invited to meet the Macbeth cast and creative team

Tweeters, bloggers and instagrammers are invited to document a special sneak preview of Macbeth on Wednesday, 13th June 2012 at 11am at the Tramway theatre in Glasgow.

This is an opportunity to get really close to the action, photograph and film scenes from the production – all before the show opens to an audience. You’ll also get to meet and interview the cast and creative team including Alan Cumming, John Tiffany and Andy Goldberg.

Places at this social media call are limited. If you would like to attend please email Digital Associate, Eve, at
eve.nicol@nationaltheatrescotland.com with a link to your blog or social media profile by noon on 8th June to request a place.

Macbeth is at Tramway, Glasgow from 13th – 30th June 2012 before moving on to New York in July. More information at www.nationaltheatrescotland.com or check out the social media buzz on #NTSMacbeth.

Social Media Call for Reasons to Dance

Reasons to DanceJoin us for a social media call for Reasons to Dance on Monday 26th March from 1 .45 3pm at City Nightclub, Falkirk.  

Grab this exclusive opportunity to chat to the cast and creative team and photograph or record three extracts from the production to share on your blog or social media networks.

Reasons to Dance is an immersive theatrical event, featuring real life stories and memories of dance from the Falkirk area and a massive, 72 strong, community cast.

Since September 2011, the Falkirk community have been sharing their dancing stories with a creative team from through workshops, questionnaires, interviews and pop-up events.

Set across two floors of City Nightclub, Falkirk’s state-of-the-art superclub,  Reasons to Dance invites the audience to experience these stories and memories through theatre, dance, live music, 1-1 performance, photography and video projection.

You can tweet about your exclusive look of this exciting new show, get brilliant content for your blog, or show off to your Facebook friends by checking in at perhaps  glitziest ever venue for a National Theatre of Scotland show at the social media call.

Place are limited so if you would like to attend please contact Adam, Marketing and Press Officer, at adam.mcdougall@nationaltheatrescotland.com.

In the meantime check out the #ReasonsToDance hash tag on Twitter or find out more about what happens at a social media call here.

The National Theatre of Scotland’s production of Reasons to Dance is sponsored by ScottishPower and Falkirk Community Trust and runs at City Nightclub from 27th-31st March.  More information at www.nationaltheatrescotland.com

One Day in Spring with Blipfoto

Blipfoto logoThe National Theatre of Scotland is proud to be collaborating once again with Blipfoto.

Blipfoto is a daily photo blogging community and Scottish digital success story. Blipfoto members post one photo a day to the site and invite responses from their fellow community of “blippers”. Blipfoto won the 2009 BAFTA Scotland Award for Best website, and topped The List’s celebration of the best Scottish websites of 2011.

To celebrate the collaboration, we have an exciting competition for Blipfoto members to have their images featured within the pages of the National Theatre of Scotland’s next brochure. See last year’s for an idea of how our brochure looks. If your image is chosen, you stand the chance to gain exclusive access to performances, to photograph behind the scenes and have your finished art work signed by the stars.

To enter, you need to be a member of the Blipfoto community. So, the first thing to do, if you’re not already a member, is to head over to Blipfoto and sign up.  If you’ve been given a fancy new phone for Christmas, why not start your new year by becoming part of a new community of fellow photo lovers.

The theme for our next brochure is One Day in Spring. To put an image forward for consideration, simply add the tag “SpringNTS” to your photograph -you can do this with new or existing blips.

The closing date for submissions is Monday 16th January 2012.

One thing to bear in mind, however. Since the image will be printed large, all uploaded entries need to be at least 4MB – so mobile phone shots probably won’t be big enough.  And think squint. We’re probably not going to be publishing a brochure full of daffodils buds and snowdrops . . .

Happy New Year . . . and happy blipping!

Reviews of A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol | National Theatre of Scotland

Scrooge meets the Ghost of Christmas Past (photo by Peter Dibdin)

Performed in a small room in the former Govan Town Hall, the walls stacked high with ledgers and scrolls, the show brings us distressingly close to the story’s terrors. Benny Young makes an austere Presbyterian Scrooge, gaunt, grubby and humourless; the last man you’d ever feel sympathy for. Yet when Gavin Glover’s superlative puppets magically appear through the apparently solid walls of the set, they have such a fearsome, otherworldly demeanour, you can only feel for the guy. . .

It is rare to see horror so intensively evoked in the theatre, but it’s not only for effect. Rather than being a sentimental portrait of a man who doesn’t like Christmas, this is an evocation of an unjust society – the true horror of Dickens’s tale – and a powerful broadside against anyone who thinks there’s no such thing as society.
The Guardian * * * * *

[Graham] McLaren (who directed the NTS’s recent and deservedly acclaimed production of the Ena Lamont Stewart classic Men Should Weep) directs and designs this Christmas Carol with a wonderfully complete vision . . .  every aspect of the piece contributes perfectly to its irresistibly magical atmosphere.

A talented cast shift deftly from playing the supporting characters to operating the puppets; giving great physical and vocal expression to, for instance, the ethereal, girl-like Spirit of Christmas Past, the avuncular Spirit of Christmas Present (who hails, somehow appropriately, from Yorkshire) and the deathly Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come.

Deserves to be remembered as one of the classiest pieces of theatre to have been staged in Scotland, not only in the winter season, but at any time of year.
Daily Telegraph * * * * *

This pared-back, inventively staged version of A Christmas Carol uses puppetry to bring the ghosts and their visions into play within the specially constructed intimacy of Scrooge’s workplace. Every inch of this room is crammed with dingy details. . .

What follows is closer to the cartoon horrors of Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman. Puppets, some grotesquely fanciful and even larger-than-life, some persuasively human, even when on a much smaller scale, slip out of the woodwork with alarming ease. . .

There’s no doubting the power and intention of their visitations. Scrooge learns to pity the poor – and Christmas-time theatre is much enriched in the process.
The Herald * * * *

Every inch is put to good use in the National Theatre of Scotland’s first ever festive show. Benny Young is a wonderfully gruff Scottish-accented Scrooge, tartly dispensing the carol singers and charity tin rattlers before supping his gruel and curling up on his bleak counting house floor. The spirits that invade his sleep are puppets, masterfully rendered by Gavin Glover, emerging from the wall, descending from the lampshade, staggering out of the cupboard.
The List * * * *


Benny Young’s Scrooge (think George Osborne crossed with Jeremy Clarkson and given a Newton Mearns accent) sets about humbugging Christmas and everyone who would spread seasonal cheer.

No sooner has the wretched miser cast the well-wishers and charitable fundraisers from his door than he is visited, courtesy of brilliant puppet-theatre maker Gavin Glover, by the most extraordinary series of spirits. . .

Glover’s puppets (which are given great body and fabulous voice by an excellent cast) combine with fabulous live music (by Jon Beales) and sound (by Matt Padden) and flawless costume and lighting design (by Graham McLaren and Paul Claydon respectively) to generate an absolutely compelling atmosphere of Victorian gothic.
Sunday Herald

Blipfoto and the National Theatre of Scotland

Blipfoto logoIn 2010 the National Theatre of Scotland created a global online photography competition called Unstaged, in partnership with Channel 4, Scottish Screen and Blipfoto.

Blipfoto is a photo journal where members upload a photo a day. The site has become hugely successful, with millions of page views per month and in 2009 Blipfoto won the BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Website.

We ran two competitions, one with the theme ‘Scotland at Play’, the other ‘Theatre of Everyday Life’. We had 5000 entries from around the world and now that the competition has closed, a catalogue of stunning images exists that represent a global reaction to the themes we set.

A collection of these images were selected by the National Theatre of Scotland and some of those selected appear in our current brochure, on publicity materials and on our website.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of those Blip photographers whose images we requested. Making the final selection was a difficult task and was ultimately based on the limited page space available, image resolution and file size.  We would have used all the images if we could.

Thank you to:

Tonto McDuff
Bethanne’s Vermont
Julie C
I feel infinite
Stuarts Photo
i4detail’s i’s
Tractor Factory Photos
Oor Trev’s Journal
Rack Focus
Ingunn in Oslo
more stuff
Dancelav Diary
The Wheel World
Kirsty McGee Photojournal
Photos by me
Keith, Ganbare!!!!
sometime somewhere
Kiwis can Blip
Jill McStor
Travelling Light
Joan of Art
Sweet Disposition
Beefy Lorelei
Sabine Thoele
Bliss Moments

See all these images and more at www.blipfoto.com